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On Sunday 23rd of May 2004, Dr. Kamarul conducted the first of the series of motivation and self-development camp for the benefit of 46 orphans at Rumah Ilham (Yayasan Anak-Anak Yatim Pinggir Taman Tun Dr. Ismail). The session was conducted entirely outdoors at Pulau Santap, Kampong Janda Baik. The session was covered by Bernama and was shown on Astro News at 8.30pm the same night.

In the news segment, Dr. Kamarul revealed that his inspiration came after reading the statement made by Malaysia's Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that the poor should not remain poor. This got Dr. Kamarul thinking on how he can best use his skills and expertise in helping the poor to help themselves. He is urging trainers to offer free motivation and self-development courses for orphans throughout Malaysia.  As Dr. Kamarul is a firm believer of leading by example, he has chosen to conduct the first of the training series himself, helped by his wife Zaleha and co-sponsored by the publishers, Thomson Learning.

Group Photo with Orphans from Rumah Ilham TTDI all looking forward to having a SPLASHING TIME.
Play time! Alright now kids, form a circle.
Hey kids, I said form a circle, not splash the instructor!
Dr Kamarul has spearheaded the "Giving Back to Society" campaign in 2009 by involving the undergraduate students of the faculty at UM. As one of the projects in the course "Organizational Behaviour" students are required to do a group project/activity. Students were encouraged to involve themselves in some charitable event or voluntary work that involves giving back to society and all projects had to be approved by Dr Kamarul himself before proceeding. The intention is to inculcate the habit of charity work in minds of the students at an early stage. Also by splitting the students into teams and overseeing such work, Dr Kamarul feels that the impact of "Giving Back to Society" can be felt stronger and wider. In line with Dato' Sri Najib's 1 Malaysia concept, no distinction is made to race nor religion

Since this is the first of the pioneering project and students have limited finances, students are required to think creatively and discover a way of giving back to society without involving the use of much money - hence creativity, effort and time are the main resources here. However, students, due to their benevolent nature, could not help but donate some of their hard earned allowances for the benefit of the more needy.

The following are pictures from the various teams of students doing the charity work. All activities were done WITHOUT any funding from UM. Hopefully, with the success of this project, UM can be persuaded in the future to agree donate/allocate a certain amount of fund to each team of students in Organizational Behavour (CBEB 2303) for future semesters.

Below are pictures taken of these charitable activities:

Atranja a/p All
Nor Naimah Bt Noor Rahmat
Akmal Bt Mohd Isa
Sitti Fajria Hakibeot
Ahmad Asraf
Rashidah Binti Ya
Visited Rumah Anak Yatim dan Ibu Tunggal, Kg Medan
Sunday 4 Oct 09, 8am to 7pm
Activities: Indoor games, help cook lunch, outdoor evening games, duit raya & prizes.

Visit to Wisma Harapan
522, Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Brickfields
50470 KL
Tel: 03-22741457/75
Email: wisma_harapan@yahoo.com
Website http://www.mentallyhandicapped-wh.org/

Aziera Binti Ali
Nur Irina Binti Che Zaruddin
Lidya Saalan
Mohd Oqmal Aliff Bin Muzakir Sanwani
Muhamad Safuan Rashidi Bin Johari
Visit to Rumah Sinar Salam
No 6A, Tingkat 1, Lorong Hj Taib 3
50350 KL
HP: 017-3631620
Tel: 03-40451620 (Pn Afidah)

Muhammad Afif Bin Ahmad
Mohd Izad bin Halimi
Mohd Amirul bin Mohd Isa

Volunteer work at Zoo Negara Malaysia

Salah Aloraini
Chang Suet Yee
Faezah binti Saadan
Noor Hazirah Abidin
Norasyikin Jalil
Visit to Rumah TItian Kasih
Activities: Games, teaching

Ho Chun Wei
Lee Boon Yip
Lee Shi Xiang
Liew Kok Liang
Tan Aik Kent
Tan Chin Pin

Visit to Malaysian Association for the Blind
Activities: Putting up MAB banners,
Correcting dates on flyers
Arranging braille books in the library
Presenting souveniers

Ong Chin Hoe
Nur Aimi binti Mokhtar
Ooi Sok Li
Norhazirah Md Sharif
Tiu Kang Yong, Protocol
Siti Sumaiyah Sulong

Visit to HOPE Worldwide, Malaysia
Activities: Food distribution, games

Nurul' Izzah Zulkifli
Alhafiz Mohd Nor
Durratul 'An Jusoh
Farahsyazana Iryani
Haizura Mhd Rani
Nurul Najaha Zulkifli
Visit to Yayasan Kiwanis Sindrom Down
28, Jalan Kapar, 41300 Klang
Tel/fax: 03-33428259

Chan Pei Wei
Chia Lee Hing
Khung Jyy Ying
Kong Chew Li
Lim Kim Kim
Lim Meng Yah
Visit to Angel's Care Home
Activities: Cook lunch & herb tea time, gardening, social activities

Tamainthi Nagandren
Aliza bt Abd Rahma
Normi Bt Hasan
Noraliza Bt Basran
Lilysafynia Bt Saliman.

Activity : Getting down and dirty cleaning up a public park

Chan Wai Kin
Chin Han Liang
Chong Pui Mun
Low Yee Woon
Ooi Chiao Ying
Tan Chee Jing@Audrey
Visit to Insan Welfare of Society of Brain Injured Children (PKKII) at Happy Garden, KL.
Activities: Games, colouring, donations.

Kok Kean Teong
Lim Bee Ken
Loh Jia Wei
Sie Pei Yee
Tee Chuen Thau
Visit to Taman Megah's Handicapped and Disabled Childrens Home.
Activity: Arranging books, giving donations

Lee Heng Kian
Ong Shih Ying
Tan Chet Ming
Wan Yat Ping
Woong Kah Ann

Visit to House of Joy
Activites: Signing banner of FPP UM, games, donations

Lim Yin Hong
Neo Ching Hup
Ong Kah Hoey
Pang Kim Choon
Eric Teo Silk Keong
Ting Peck Har
Wong Xiao Ting

Visit to Taman Warisan Pertanian
Activities: Clearing up

The Alliance
Nurul Amirah Bt Abd Shukor
Afina Candarini
Normarriza Bt Ahmad
Roziela Bt Abdullah
Nur Amalina Bt Nasarudin
Hani Suhaida Bt Sulaiman
Asma Bt Sidek

Visit to 5 separate families

Toh Xiang Yi
Eg Lay Kuan
Nur Fayyadha Hanum
Nur Hidayah

Visit to SPCA Ampang KL
Let us continue to remeber and take care of our furry friends