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Professor Dr. Kamarul Zaman Ahmad
Full Professor of Management 
(previously from University of Malaya, Abu Dhabi University and University of Dubai)
World Renowned Professor and International Expert Lecturer, Trainer and Consultant, 
NLP Trainer (American Board of NLP- Dr Tad James), NLP Coach Trainer and Hypnotherapist - Malaysia's first

Email at for your preferred future dates in Kuala Lumpur, Johore, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak, Malaysia and Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE (United Arab Emirates) for, 
Certifications in NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy(R), Hypnotherapy, Coaching 
and related self-help public courses - the go-to place for NLP Practitioner Certification and Master Prac Certification of choice.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the art and science of using the language of the mind to consistently produce your desired results, to enhance your performance and to attain excellence in anything that you do. 
NLP Coaching is guiding others to do the same using NLP techniques.
Hypnotherapy is the art of speaking to your unconscious mind to improve the quality of your life.
Together they have been used to help people improve their wealth, fortune, health, happiness, love, freedom and other abundant riches life has to offer. 

Professor Kamarul Zaman is  one of the first Malaysian certified trainer in NLP,  NLP COACHING, Time Line Therapy(R) and Hypnotherapy (certified with the American Board of NLP, TLT and American Board of Hypnotherapy) and has adapted and UPDATED (and not just adopted) these techniques along with self-developed techniques in Hypnotherapy which are more appropriate in the uncertain environment today and in the immediate future. This has been the successful result of over 45 years of accumulating knowledge and over 37 years of teaching others (since 1987), and over 13 years of conducting scientific experiments in NLP and other related fields. 

Certification trainings by Prof Kamarul are the only one in the world that exposes students to NLP trainings and techniques, backed by scientific peer-reviewed academic research, but in a FUN and PRACTICAL way.

Ademic Qualifications:
1) PhD in Psychology at Work, Manchester Business School, 
University of Manchester, UK. (2001)
- Times Higher Education TOP 30 World University Rankings
- Top 3 in terms of volume of research activity judged to be world-leading and internationally 
excellent (after Oxford and Cambridge)
2) MBA, University of Malaya
3) MAICSA (Malaysian Association of Institute Chartered Secretaries and Administrators)
4) Bar-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn, London, UK
5) BA (Hons) Law Leeds, UK

Author of books:
1) "Empower Yourself Through NLP, Time LineTherapy Tm
and Hypnotherapy"  
2) "PhD: The Pursuit of Excellence." Publisher: Cengage Learning, Asia  ( NOW AVAILABLE IN VITAL SOURCE)
3) "So You Want To Get A PHD. " Publisher: Thomson Learning, Asia

Professor Kamarul specialises in:
  • Management and Organizational Behavior, 
  • Human Resources Managment,
  • Psychology and 
  • Research Methods. 

He has over 20 years experience writing syllabi and teaching research methods and management courses at the PhD, Masters and Undergraduate level. He has supervised over 10 PhD students until completion and over 30 at the Masters level. 
He has been the examiner for over 30 PhD thesis. He has over ten years experience as a lawyer and in the corporate sector. Prof Dr Kamarul has taught literally thousands of people from all over the world (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, Middle East) comprising of CEOs, directors, managers and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers etc. He has numerous publications in international journals and conferences (see Google Scholar) including three international best selling books

Email at for future dates in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) for September 2024 for 
NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy(R), Hypnotherapy, Coaching and other related self-help public courses.

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​  Testimonials from students
 "A very eye-opening experience. The components taught in the course are very relevant to me and will definitely give me infinite help in my life and career as well. The activities are well-planned and packed. A wonderful course." Lee Wei Qing
"The best experience that I ever had and a new learning to me on NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy. The experience of extinguishing fire with bare hands and walking barefoot on broken glass was really out of this world." Mazan Hj Tamah
"Exhilarating experience. With this, there is no stopping for me. I can only move positively forward, believing anything is possible. I have done both the fire and glass walking experience so I can't think of anything that is impossible." Kathrine Lim
"Create more courses/seminars so I can attend more." Hally
"A very good experience. I have a lot of learning. Thank you very much." Azahar

Professor Dr Kamarul is the WORLD'S LEADING RESEARCHER IN NLP and has conducted research experiments in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy and is the FIRST IN THE WORLD to publish such a study in the peer reviewed international journal of Stress & Health in 2011 Vol 27 Issue 3 pages 241-250. (A-ranked academic Journal. Thomson ISI citatation Index)
Title: Alternatives to simply forgiving and forgetting: Comparing techniques in hypnosis, NLP and time line therapy™ in reducing the intensity of memories of stressful events
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Prof Dr Kamarul has presented two research papers in NLP at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference in Vienna, Austria this April 2013. Title of the papers are: 
- Frogs into Princes: Do Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques improve Emotional Intelligence?
- It’s all in the eyes: NLP eye patterns and their relationship with academic performance
This is published subsequently in Ithe nternational Journal of Business and Management, a peer reviewed scholalry journal, with a new title "Lying Eyes: The Truth about NLP Eye Patterns and Their Relationship with Academic Performance in Business and Management Studies (MBA)"
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 At the end of each course, you will:
  • Discover how to live the life you always wanted. 
  • Learn to accept challenges and adversity
  • Prioritise your life's goals and maintain balance
  • Have what you want and want what you have.

​Email at for future dates in September 2024 for Malaysia and United Arab Emirates for 
NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy(R), Hypnotherapy, Coaching and related self-help public courses.

One of the most memorable events of the year 2008 as Pn Azaliha who was 7 months pregnant, courageously walked barefoot on broken glass during the Certification in June 08. What a story she can tell her baby, and a picture to prove it as well!!
Mr Tee, a seminar enthusiast, bravely attempts the glasswalk for the first time in our Certification in June 08. Notice from his face that he has mastered the fine art of deep trance.
Last row from left: Muttalib, Natthavut (CEO of Training co from Thailand), Dr Farook (medical doctor)
Middle row: Aslina Alpi (trainer), Dr Suhaila (medical doctor),   Dr Firdaus (psychologist),              Dr Norzila (psychiatrist), Ngu Sing Hieng (undergrad student), Datin Dr Ambika (medical doctor), Rasimah (trainer),   Zirro (engineer)
First row from left: Selvam (manager) Dr Kamarul, Pn Zaleha, & Tariq (lawyer)
Dr Kamarul demonstrating the full body catalypsey during an NLP & Hypnosis introduction at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. He is a popular expert guest speaker on NLP, with many Universities around the world.
See pictures below
Dr Pim and Annette, NLP practitioners who graduated in Dr Kamarul's class (2010)
Dr Kamarul skiing at Zermat, Switzerland 
Dr Kamarul conducting Introduction to NLP with Faculty and staff of the school of Busines, Massey University, New Zealand
Dr Kamarul, introducing hypnosis to MBA students at Massey University, New Zealand
Class of Dec 2012: Graduates in NLP Practitioner & NLP Coaching conducted 
by Dr Kamarul in Abu Dhabi University


To make NLP an academically accepted, respected and valued subject, on par (if not above) other subjects such as management, organizational behaviour and psychology. Dr Kamarul envisions a world where NLP is studied in accredited, world-ranked Universities, taught by qualified University professors, and the techniques used by people all over the world.

As a leading academic and practitioner, Dr Kamarul is in a unique position to continue to conduct and publish scientific research in NLP (and related subjects like hypnosis), and will make available the new found secrets to his students and participants. This will enable them to identify and remove their mental barriers, so that they may explore their capabilities and interests and may develop their full intellectual and human potential, in order to be the best they can be in whatever they wish.

Email at for future dates for Malaysia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) in September 2024 for 
NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy(R), Hypnotherapy, Coaching and other related self-help public courses.

Indicate your preference for:
- Weekend only vs weekend and weekday times (continuous).