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1. What should I beware of when choosing a trainer? What are the critical things I should know about trainers?
Critical things you should know about NLP Trainers
- not all NLP trainers are equally knowlegeable. On the other hand, Dr Kamarul conducts cutting-edge research in NLP and knows about the relative strengths and effectiveness of each technique.
- not all Drs or PhDs are from ranked and accredited universities.  On the other hand, Dr Kamarul's Phd, in the area of Work Psychology, is from the prestigious Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK, top 30+ in the World QS ranking. 
- no other NLP practitioner course (to my knowlege) is conducted by a Full Professor in a University accredited by the Ministry of Education AND has world ranking by QS   

2. Why you should not attend a trainer without sufficient academic qualifications?
A trainer or event manager with insufficient or inappropriate academic qualifications will display shallow knowledge of business matters and often have difficulty comprehending and answering questions from the participants particularly those pertaining to psychological research that can explain the differences of individual behaviour.

Indeed, there may be other certified NLP trainers out there in the world. But ask yourself this question – apart from being certified as an NLP trainer, what other qualifications and experience has the trainer got?

3. What makes Dr Kamarul different from other trainers?
Dr Kamarul has a delightful combination of five academic degrees (BAHons Law, Bar-at-Law, MBA, ICSA & PhD) complimented by a wide range of experiences in the private sector. He has over ten years experience as a practicing lawyer, a brief stint as a Human Resource Manager and over ten years experience as lecturer and trainer. He did his PhD in Work Psychology from the Manchester Business School, UK, and attended and crewed in Anthony Robbins live seminars “Unleash the Power Within” in Malaysia and overseas. He has obtained a Trainer, Master Practitioner and Practitioner certification in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time-Line Therapy® in Sydney Australia. He is a registered member of the ABNLP and INLPCA. He is also a Certified NLP Coach.

3. What is the difference between a Practitioner Certificate in NLP, Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP and Trainers Certificate in NLP?
1.A Practitioner Certificate in NLP gives the license or permission to the certificate holder to practice NLP on himself/herself and others based on the program that he or she has attended.  
2.A Master Practitioner Certificate in NLP gives the license or permission to the certificate holder to practice NLP on himself/herself and others based on the Masters program that he or she has attended. The Master Practitioner course contains other aspects in NLP not covered by the Practitioner Course. 
3.A Trainer Certificate in NLP gives the license or permission to the certificate holder to train and certify others in NLP based on the Practitioner program that he or she has attended and the Master Practitioner program. Dr Kamarul has obtained ALL these certificates.

4. Why attend Dr Kamarul’s seminars? What makes Dr Kamarul’s training unique?
In addition to imparting valuable academic and practical knowledge, his training sessions are always very practical and lively, with plenty of fun activities and incorporating music in his hypnosis sessions.

Studies have shown that interactive workshops increase retention and results by upwards of 70 percent, and so every presentation done by Dr Kamarul gets the audience up and working. Not only will your group learn information intellectually and feel good about it emotionally, but they'll immediately incorporate and condition in what they've learned. Prof Kamarul has now incorporated deep trance activities designed to reach the depths of the unconscious minds and elicit change.

5. What makes Dr Kamarul’s seminars, the best value for money?
Dr Kamarul regularly invests in himself by attending training seminars and be certified as a Trainer in NLP, and Hypnotherapy. He also regularly conducts and publishes cutting edge research in NLP in the leading academic journals, the latest being the journal in STRESS AND HEALTH in 2011 (A -class journal). He teaches what he has discovered in his research and that information is not available to any other trainer in NLP. In addition he has invested much time and money in acquiring five academic degrees, the latest being a PhD in the topic of Psychology at work. Dr. Kamarul is committed in delivering the best to the customer. In doing so, he is, surprisingly, still one of the cheapest. It is also important to bear in mind that Dr Kamarul conducts his seminars personally. He does not subcontract the seminar nor does he request someone else to conduct to conduct the seminar on his behalf. Dr Kamarul believes there is no substitute for quality, and is committed to ensure that his clients get the best value for their money.

(1) “Unbelievable & most fantastic training ever attended!” Rusly b Ismail. 
(2) “Never thought of achieving fire walking! Anything is possible now.” Edward Tan. 
(3) “Created the fraternity/brotherhood with peers. Instructor was well versed in the matter. Extend to others in the company.” Mohd Hatta Ahmad. 
(4) “The course helps us to build up our self-confidence. Makes us think out of the box and there are no limitations of what we can do. Very different approach. It’s great and interesting and most important it’s fun while being able to deliver the message across.” Zamariah. 
(5) “Build confidence. This training is UNIQUE. Good for team building & awareness. Motivates you.” Dzulkifli Tajuddin. 
(6) “Good teamwork, commitment from peers. Build confidence & self belief. Learning method is good/ practical.” Shamsul Aznin Zaini. 
(7) “Very refreshing approach to training & very effective as well.” Muhammad Fauzy Hyffny. 
(8) “The practical activities are interesting and simulation of real life scenarios.” Khairi B Hj. Muhammad. 
(9) “More motivated. Apply the principles learned to everyday work. Overall very good course. Novel and unique way of transferring ideas/knowledge to participants.” Kelvin Low. 
(10) “Able to enhance the spirit of workers. To be extended to other groups of managers.” W. Abdullah W Sulong. 
(11) “Build confidence and overcome fear.” Mohti. 
(12) “Overcome fear of failure. Very practical and logical.” Muhaiyuddin. 
(13) “Senior staff & middle level management must attend this training to boost their confidence.” Ramlan Abd Samad. 
(14) “Understand and believe that everything is possible to do. Very good. Must call other managers to attend.” Ghazali Abu Hanifah. 
(15) “More employees must experience the course.” Joseph Lim.

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